Flutes Across The World

Haiti TeachingTwo Friendship Flutes
One to keep, One to give away 

Learning, giving, supporting others and gaining compassion through music and the arts.

Hope in the shape of a flute!

Help support our programs for kids this coming summer and fall 2017

Philippines music mission to Mindanao / August and September
3,000 newly designed FAW mouthpieces being made in China
Professional volunteer training programs in the Philippines
Native American music mission to the Apache Reservation / White Mountains
Every dollar helps a child.
Every $10.00 donated buys 30 mouthpieces for a whole class.

All donations are tax deductible
Flutes Across The World is a 501c3 non-profit NGO based in Ojai, California
Flutes Across The World

Visit in 888bingo information.

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Educational & School Programs
Workshops and residency programs for students and teachers.
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National & International Music Missions
Music missions and stories connecting children around the United States and the world.
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Community & Family Night Events
Flute-making family nights, special concert programs or guest speaking.
Summer Camps & Festivals
Summer Camps & Festivals
Camp programs, scouting and festival events.


Flutes Across The World
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