Flutes Across The World opens the hearts and minds of children across the world to the universal connection of humankind and cultural understanding through the language of music.

Through the personal gift of a flute decorated by one child to another child in different parts of the world, the emotional powers of music and altruism combine to create a life-changing experience for children as givers and receivers of the flutes.

We believe in the power of music to transform individuals.

We believe in the power of music to transform the world and make it a better place.



Children make two flutes – One keep and the other to give to a child in another part of the world.

Each flute is decorated by hand, has a photo tied onto it and inside is placed a personal handwritten note by the flute giver to their unknown flute friend in another part of the world.

Through guided instruction, children in schools, camps and community events across America learn about other cultures, ancient traditional wind instruments, music and visual arts.  They decorate a pair of flutes with symbols of peace, unity and healing.  They learn to play music from diverse cultures through listening and watching, the oldest way we learn music and language in the world still today. 

Individuals learn the simple joy of making music with others.


Flutes Across The World presents…


Student and Adult Workshops

Artist-In-Residence School Programs

Community and School Family Nights

Special Lectures and Demonstrations

Music Missions - Nationally and Internationally





Flutes Across The World was created by John Zeretzke on a winters evening at Christmastime.   He was thinking of a way to reach out to children overseas for a humanitarian mission that was being planned for the Philippines in 2009.  Rather than medical or food supplies, John envisioned the gift of music from the heart. 

The first mission with Knightsbridge International and Operation Smile was a bigger success than anyone had ever imagined, touching the hearts of everyone the flutes came in contact with, including school children, parents, patients, orphans, military leaders, government officials, villagers, doctors and even bus drivers with children of their own.  The flutes touched the spirit of all those around them.

Since it’s creation in 2009, thousands of children in America have created pairs of decorated flutes – one to keep and one to give away to another child.  We have conducted hundreds of workshops where learning takes place, not only in the states but overseas as well.

Flutes Across The World has led FAW Music Missions in Haiti, the Philippines, Honduras and to Native American Indian reservations for Apache and Lakota children and students.   We have sent Flute Ambassadors to take decorated flutes to Nepal, Africa and parts of south east Asia.

We plan on expanding our outreach programs to many new areas of the world, including newly laid plans to work in Indonesia.



Bill Wagner - President

Vicki Baldwin - Treasurer

Christine Eaves - Secretary

Theresa Willis Peters

Andy Radford



Esther Watchell

Fred Allen

Brian Bemel

David Fields

Ruth Mankin

Andy Radford

David Zeretzke


Artistic Director and Founder 

John Zeretzke






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