October / November

• Workshops and Family nights at various school sites in southern California and Arizona.  Schools where residency programs are taking place include Sierra Elementary School in Chandler, AZ /  Patrick Henry School, Anaheim / Woodcrest and Golden Hill Elementary Schools, Fullerton / North Park Elementary School, Valencia.

• Fundraising Events - TBA


December / January

FLUTES ACROSS THE WORLD - PHILIPPINES    Our program will again reach out to children in the Philippines with over 1,500 flutes being taken over seas with founder and Artistic Director, John Zeretzke.  We will once again team with our contacts and supporters in Manila including Commander Ramon Moreno, to get our flutes to children in need in remote schools, orphanges and hospitals.  Areas targeted will be Manila, northern Luzon, Pagasinan and back to our favorite school on Molokoboc Island in the Visayas which received much damage from typhoon Yolanda a while back.



FLUTES ACROSS THE WORLD - INDONESIA    Gound work has taken place in September to plan a mission to areas in Indonesia, including orphanges in Jakarta, schools and orphanges in and around Borodadur and Bali.  During his last visit, John Zeretzke made many valuable contacts with key individuals in country who want to help with our work in Indonesia.  There is much poverty and school children that receive very little in all these regions.  We look forward to planning our first mission to this wonderful country.



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